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Cylinder screw plastic components To be the specialist of machinery industry high-end materials & their application with the spirit of the craftsman

        As everyone knows, plasticizing component is one of the core factors deciding the quality stability and repeatability accuracy of plastic molding technology. The core of plasticizing component is metal materials and process technology and structure.

        After being engaged in the plastic machine industry for 23 years, we find plasticizing component is most likely to have problems in plastic products molding. We often encounter the following problems: uneven color mixture, low repeatability accuracy, fragile laminating head, poor plasticizing of fire-proofing agent, yellowing and dark spot of transparent products, tube cracking, high temperature and high pressure intolerance of screw materials, wear and corrosion, etc. In 2011, we introduced core talents, independently developed new alloy materials and purchased high-end equipment. Through years of continuous trial-manufacture, we have successfully solved these problems, and carried out lean production based on the spirit of the craftsman, customizing the machine barrel screw plasticizing component - a core component of plastic machinery for customers.  
        Our staff attach importance to humanistic ideas, seek scientific law, build spirit of the craftsman, innovate corporate culture of no bounds, make open communications continuously, improve self-cultivation, strengthen science and technology basis, stick to humanistic spirit and conscientiousness and provide customers with systematic solutions.

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